Food Server

Job Description

• Welcoming customers, informing them about specials or new items, answering queries, and accepting orders and payments.
• Preparing food such as sandwiches or baked goods, grinding coffee beans, brewing coffee and tea, and serving edible items to customers.
• Packaging food and beverages for sale.
• Selling coffee and tea blends and brewing equipment, highlighting the differences between various items, and educating customers about brewing methods.
• Cleaning and restocking work and dining areas, emptying trash, and sanitizing equipment and utensils.
• Learning about brewing methods, beverage blends, food preparation, and presentation techniques to improve and enhance food quality.
• Updating signage and displays to attract customers.
• Replenishing items in inventory as well as on display, at tables, or behind the counter.
• Working as part of a fun-loving, high-energy team.
• Adhering to all food safety regulations and quality controls.

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